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Above the Clouds


Above the Clouds

Theo is a European English Springer Spaniel. He is a blue/tri/roan. He is about 55/bs of solid lean muscle. Beautiful colors he throws out of his litters.  He is my main stud here at Morse Orchard Kennels LLC. Theo loves attention from his people. Very good natured, great temperament.  Great house pet. We call him our couch potato. He loves car rides, and running through the fields here on the property. He has been an amazing asset to our breeding program 

Morse Orchard Axel Kane

Axel is a red tipped/sable/Roan. He is of European lines. He is a sweet boy and very loving. He is very loyal. He loves hikes, and playing fetch. He is quite the ladies man. He loves belly rubs, and walks down to the lake. 
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