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We are a small at home ethical Breeder Raising European/American Field Bred English Springer Spaniels. Here at Morse Orchard Kennels LLC, we have been building our reputation as a trusted small business in North Monmouth, Maine Since 2018. We take our responsibilities very seriously. We are fully insured and hold two Kennel Licenses. All our adult dogs are AKC and OFA cleared. We strive to ensure the health and safety and well being of all our dogs and puppies.  We are very careful in choosing the families to adopt one of our puppies, with a screening process to be sure our puppies are going to loving welcoming families. 

We keep in touch with our customers and we are available for phone calls or emails to answer questions. We always love to hear how our puppies are doing and see up dated pictures as they grow. We also have a Facebook group for customers to share experiences, pictures, ask advice, and create friendships and puppy play dates. 

 Melissa Goyette

Owner and Operator 

Hello, My Name is Melissa.  I am the owner here at Morse Orchard Kennels. 

       In 2018 I felt it on my heart that it was time to close my two daycare centers of (12 years) to stay home with my son and home school him. It was a hard decision and the best decision.  Being home with my son was such a blessing.  After some time, however, I knew it was time to start a new adventure. 

After researching, studying, and talking to many people, I decided to buy my first few female English Springer Spaniels. I know you're asking why English Springer Spaniels. Well let me tell you why. I wanted a dog that was loyal yet had a high energy level for outdoor activities.  Like myself. I wanted a dog that was a wonderful family pet as well as a hunter.  Because we all know here in Maine, hunting is big. I also wanted a breed that wasn't too big or too small. Springers are that perfect match. They are loving, loyal, friendly, sweet, very smart, and quick to train. I just love the breed!

With Help from a few mentors along that way, I began my journey. Raising puppies. It hasn't always been easy, there is a lot to it, but well worth the joy in the eyes of families when I hand them their puppy.  

My next step was coming up with a name for my business. Some might assume that it came from the name of our road, and yes that does ring a bit true but only because the name of our road is a family name. Let's back it up a bit to the night my first female was due to give birth, which was an exciting time here at home. This is when Luna was born! The first puppy I welcomed into the world.  Luna is now a special breeding mama here. 

Little did we know that on that same night my children's grandfather had passed away. The home we live in was the home he build with his own hands. It felt fitting to dedicate the business after him. That is how Morse Orchard Kennels was named. Morse after his last name, and Orchard because we live on an apple orchard. Actually this location was once called Morse Apple Orchard.






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