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Morse Orchard Emma Mae


Emma is a Black/white/Tri female. She is of American Field/Bench lines. She weighs about 40lbs. She is a great mom. Loves all of the puppies as her own. She is laid back and a wonderful house pet. Very well behaved. Gentle and sweet! Loves her people!

Luna was my very first born puppy here at Morse Orchard Kennels LLC. Her dad lives across town at another kennel and her mom just recently retired and moved to live with a family up north.  Luna is a Black/White field/bench lines. About 45lbs of lean muscle. All hunt with this girl. My field "mouse catcher" I call her. Amazing nose on her. She's sweet and loving as well. Very smart, and loyal. She's a wonderful mom too.

Morse Orchard Luna Bay

Morse Orchard Seyliah Rou 

Seyliah is of full European Lines. She is a black tipped sable for coat colors. She weighs about 40lbs. She is very gentle and calm. Hardly ever barks. Quiet and shy at times, but loves attention and loves to be petted. She loves to take walks and curious of everything. 

Morse Orchard Torah Eve

Torah is American field/European field. She is Piper and Theo down lines. She is liver/white/roan. She weighs 40lbs, tall and slender. She has amazing hunt drive. Lots of energy, loves to run, and swim. she's vocal and talks back in her own ways. She loves her people, always wants to be near us. Very nurturing. 

Morse Orchard Autumn Bliss

Autumn is Aspens sister, same litter. Emma and Theo puppy. She is a liver/white/tri/roan in colors. Beautiful coat full of spots. She has a bit more energy than Aspen. Very vocal, loves to run and jump. Attention hog like her daddy. She has that springer spunk. She is sweet. Loves balls, toys, and treats. Loves to swim.
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